Carbon Digital IQ waterbed heater with UK moulded plug - best on market

The very best heater on the market. The heater combines simplicity of use with the most modern heating technology.

This listing is for a new Carbon Heater Digital IQ waterbed heater. As far as we are aware this is the very best heater on the market. The heater combines simplicity of use with the most modern heating technology.

This heater has a factory fitted proper moulded UK plug and full instructions in English.

This heating system is manufactured  in Germany following strict quality department guidelines. It has full TÜV-safety certification.  The materials used in production are fully recyclable and harmonise with your waterbed. The heating pad contains a carbon layer which has a very energy  efficiency of 99.999%  The electric and magnetic fields produced by this heater are barely measurable.

By purchasing a "Carbon Heater“ waterbed heater you have chosen a  "made in Germany“ branded product which is the best available on the market today.

  • Optimal Energy efficiency and environmental protection
  • Optimal Safety and quality
  • Optimal simplicity of use
  • Recognised German and European test certificates (TÜV-GS / EMV / EMC / CE)

6 Fold Safety

The thought of electric current in a waterbed is a source of worry to many people. Therefore, Carbon Heater® waterbed heaters are TÜV/GS-tested and are equipped with 6 separate safety elements to enable you to fully relax in your waterbed. In addition to the thermal cutout and a thermal bridge, the Carbon Heater® system is also fitted with a "PTC" effect. Should the Carbon Heater® be switched on by accident while the waterbed is completely empty or contains only little water, these safety elements keep the temperature under control and prevent overheating. The thermostat/control unit has two additional safety responses that shut off the heater system as a precaution, e.g. in the case of a power surge (lightning strike) or a fault. The safety package is completed by the waterproof construction of the heating element in accordance with IP 67, plus a very high voltage resistance of over 8,000 volts (DIN requirement: 1,230 volts). 

Reliability and Quality

Since 2003, Carbon Heater® waterbed heating systems have been produced in Germany in compliance with the QA standards of the automotive and medical equipment industries.  All the materials and components used are tested for quality and function several times in the course of the production process. An extremely high level of durability is achieved, for example, by riveting or crimping all contacts for maximum oxidation resistance. The carbon heating element and the silver conductor paths are applied to a previously plasma-treated carrier film. The next production process step then generates an inseparable bond between the materials - ensuring optimum flexibility and robustness. Additionally, the entire manufacturing process is regularly monitored by TÜV-Süd.

Logical and Simple Operation

The digital “IQ Carbon” control offers important and meaningful functions which can be set to suit your wishes using the logical and intuitive operating menu. As well as exact temperature adjustment, it also offers 2-pole mains switch-off, with timer and mains isolation function - enabling the heater to be switched off during the night to reduce electric fields to zero. Other functions of the “IQ Carbon” include an integrated clock with date and time functions, child locks, and a reminder to top up the conditioner. In the event of a temporary power cut, the control unit always stores the last setting and maintains the temperature at not less than 28°C, so the waterbed cannot cool down completely.

Energy Saving Heating System

Energy is an important issue; therefore, thanks to use of state-of-the-art technology, our Carbon Heater® heating systems convert almost 99% of the input current into heat.

With an efficiency factor of 0,99, Carbon Heater® waterbed heating systems are among the most efficient and energy-saving systems available. This efficiency is achieved through the use of carbon as the heating element. Additionally, the digital control systems operate very efficiently while offering optimum regulation. For example, the water temperature is measured continuously and the heater is only switched on if and when the temperature falls below the set level.

Perfect Feel-Good Temperature

Everyone experiences warmth differently. Therefore, the temperature can be set or adjusted individually by every user, to suit his or her preference and personal well-being. The Carbon Heater® heating elements are also of large dimensions so as to transmit the heat evenly to the water core while being gentle to the surrounding materials.

To enable you to choose the optimum feel-good temperature for you personally, the digital “IQ Carbon” control has a temperature range from 24°C to 36°C, with the temperature adjustable to 0.1°C exactly. Both the controls and also the temperature sensors in the heating element allow a deviation of less than +/- 0.1°C.


The effects of electrical and magnetic fields are a subject of controversial debate. Therefore, to be on the safe side, Carbon Heater® heating systems are uncompromising in this regard, being provided with TÜV-tested (EMV and EMF) shielding technology.Each Carbon Heater® heating system is provided with tested shielding technology to ensure a field strength level of only 6.0 nT, i.e. 10,000 times less than the maximum limit officially recommended for people with cardiac pacemakers (65,000 nT). The “IQ Carbon” system, finally, is completely current- and field-free. It also has 2-pole mains switch-off with integrated timer and mains isolation capability. If, for example, the mains switch-off/timer is active throughout the night, no current reaches the heating element at all, from the control unit onwards - where there is no current, there can be no fields.

Optimum Environmental Compatability

Sustainability is mandatory. For the manufacture of the products, therefore, only fully recyclable materials from known sources have been used. Environmental protection is not only a matter of choosing the right materials but also of using energy-aware production methods.

Thanks for reading this far - please consider a purchase we are sure you will be extremely pleased. This is not the cheapest heater - it is the best.

Brand Carbon Heater
Condition New
Weight 1kg