Clamp for waterbed repairs.

Simple clamp to help with your waterbed repair.
This is a clamp which you would buy to help you repair your waterbed. Normally customers buy this together with repair sets. If you buy together with a repair set then the postage on this should disappear.
The clamp is cheap but surprisingly robust with a good grip. In one of the photos we have shown the clamp in use. The clamp-grips are sufficient for pin hole repairs. If you wish you can put in 2 discs to grip the vinyl to be repaired - this will put pressure on a larger area. In one of the photos we have shown 2p coins ( not included ! ) to assist the clamp. When you make a repair and use the clamp then this will give you added assurance of getting the repair done properly. You can set this up and then walk off and get on with your day. Please take care not to glue the clamp to the bed.
Brand OC Waterbeds
Condition New
Weight 0.02kg