High Quality Carbon Classic Waterbed Heater 240W


This is a new Carbon Classic Waterbed Heater. It is ready for use - just install as per manufacturers instructions and enjoy using this excellent product.

The Carbon Classic heater is in use in thousands of waterbeds thorughout Europe. It is "made in Germany". It has a UK moulded plug and full instructions in English.

This heater combines very simple operations with precise temperature control.

The heater has been subject to the strictest German safety regulations. At the time of writing this, it has the following safety awards TUV/GS, ENV, EMC and CE.

By using carbon in the heating elements a very high level of heating efficiency has been reached. The high level of energy efficiency and the choice of fully recyclable materials makes this one of the most environmentally friendly heaters available.

Some heaters on the market produce worryingly high electromagnetic fields. The carbon technology used in this heater produces fields which are barely measurable. The maximum permissable field strength in Germany today is 100,000nT/ These heaters have an extremely low 11.2nT. Rest assured, this heater will enhance your sleep.

The heater is based on a carbon layer laminated between polyester foils. This is a lightweight very high-tech modern heater. The heating element is of course waterproof and measures 86cm by 30cm. The heater is 230 Volt, 50 Hertz and 240 Watt.

This is a high quality branded product for use with all waterbeds.

Condition New
Weight 1kg