OC Waterbeds

Corona Virus Update.

We maintain strict social distancing/ social avoidance to people outside our little world. Any deliveries to us are not touched for three days. Our products are as clean and as virus free as we can possibly make them. Our post is collected everyday and we anticipate this continuing for the foreseeable future. Maybe goods will take a day longer to reach you but we hope that is acceptable under the circumstances. 

When a parcel arrives we recommend opening it, putting the product in a safe place, putting the packaging straight in the bin and then washing your hands. It should be ok to then handle the product but if you can leave it for a day or so then that is better. We are extremely careful with our health and these products.

This way we will all stay healthy. Thank you for reading this - thank you for being a customer.

Please make OC Waterbeds your first choice for all your waterbed requirements. We stock a wide range of waterbed products all at sensible prices. Our products include heaters, sheets, conditioner and cleaners and much more.

We are happy to offer advice and help on all waterbed related problems.

OC Waterbeds is a professional, fast and friendly supplier - please honour us with your custom.