Waterbed Conditioner - 4 Bottles of 250ml Premium Conditioner

Each bottle comes in a handy 4 to 6 month bottle.
These are 4 bottles of Waterbed Conditioner. Each bottle is a 12 month requirement for a standard 400 litre queen size waterbed. For larger beds just use proportionately more or condition more often. This product is designed for use with  any waterbed mattress. This conditioner is made in Germany to the highest standards. It is the number one in Europe. It is perfect for use in the UK.

The bottles have a child proof (push and click) screw top lid and the bottle necks are also factory sealed with a metallic foil. The bottles all have a long sell-by date.

  • Concentrated liquid for the treatment of waterbeds.
  • Protects the inside of the water mattresses against bacteria.
  • Preserves the inner side of the vinyl.
  • Factory sealed and EU registered product.

Product made in Germany

250 ml is a 12 months requirement for most normal queen size waterbeds ( up to approx 400 litres). 

A super king mattress containing up to 600 litres and measuring 6 foot by 6 foot 6 inches has a requirement of approx 1.5 bottles per 12 months. Smaller or larger beds will need proportionally different quantities of conditioner.

If this conditioner is required for a new bed or for a refill after draining and moving the bed, then more conditioner is required to bring your tap water into shape. Two whole250ml bottle should be used for a normal queen size bed when it is filled. After 6 months please revert to the use of the lower quantities shown above. 

Most conditioners on the market are of a similar strength, and will have similar annual quantity requirements.

This is a high quality branded product for use with all waterbeds.

Condition New
Weight 1.2kg