Waterbed Draining and Filling Pump Set and Conditioner

This is a branded Blue Magic Filling and draining kit as sold thousands and thousands of times in the world markets.

This is a branded Blue Magic Filling and draining kit as sold thousands and thousands of times in the world markets.

When moving a waterbed it is vital not to disturb the inner fleece layers. This can only be achieved by thoroughly draining the waterbed so that it is almost empty. If the bed is moved before the bed is properly drained then the fleece layers will move and the bed will be damaged.

It is often difficult to drain a mattress because it is not easy to start the waterflow. This kit will help start the siphon effect through tap operated water pressure. Please take a few minutes to understand the principle of this kit. You will need a length of hose ( 10 or 15 metres ) and some standard garden hose connectors to attach the items together. Once you have assembled the kit then it will help you to easily fill and drain your waterbeds.

This kit contains the following 4 items

1.A 4oz bottle of branded Blue Magic waterbed conditioner. This is the standard requirement for most beds for 6 months.

2. A draining adaptor. This is to be fixed to the waterbed filling nozzle to ensure an air-tight fit so that the internal fleece layers are not disturbed. An air tight fit is essential to get the mattress properly  drained.

3. A tap operated draining pump. The middle exit nozzle should be connected to a hose connected to the waterbed and the adaptor in 2. The top exit should be connected to a tap with good pressure which is as low a level beneath the bed to be drained as possible. First close the lower pump exit valve and start to fill the bed so that the hose is completely full of water. Then open the lower exit on the pump and the water will start to drain. Once the bed is draining reduce the flow of water through the tap. If the bed needs to be filled the same kit can be used to fill it.

4. A white tap adaptor. Many taps have an internal or external thread which the tap adaptor will fit. The draining pump will attach to the tap adaptor. Maybe the draining pump will fit the tap directly without using the tap adaptor. This should fit most taps. If it does not fit your tap then please buy a standard attachment for your tap. The ideal tap for this is a garden type tap with a visible thread.

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